interpath iphone

Interpath for iPhone/iPad/Andoroid and Windows mobile

The application allows for a remote pathologist to review and navigate high quality images of diagnostic quality using either the cellular network or WIFI networks on the iPhone. Using the application rapid specialist referrals can be made, without access to a computer, a microscope or the original specimen. The image can be reviewed by the pathologist and used to provide a diagnosis used in cancer and other disease treatments.

The portability combined with the image quality of this virtual microscopy system is a unique solution to providing input into the treatment of a patient regardless of the patient or the treating hospital’s location.

The application is used to access the large image that is stored in the server but only to retrieve relevant parts. Using the multi-touch interface that the iPhone provides, an intuitive interface is provided that allows the user to navigate and view images.

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DNA Ploidy - Diagnostic and prognostic information for cancer DNA Ploidy is becoming an accepted prognostic marker. The DNA Ploidy test alone can be used to obtain prognostic information to determine treatment decisions in prostatic, urinary bladder, ovarian, endometrial and renal cell carcinoma among others. The test can also be an additive prognostic marker.